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About The Golden Hinde


Good policymaking is not just square. It need to have its roots in dialogue and sharing best practise and the challenge of not just getting stuck in ideologies of the past.

Francis Drake and his crew sailed in the Golden Hinde Ship in their historic voyage around the World. These brave men of the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries who sailed in uncharted waters to unknown lands were courageous adventurers.Today that courage is about the will of and belief in building people-to-people democracy in a globalized world. The Transatlantic link as well as the Transpacific link need to be strengthened. We need to find international solutions to problems that might appear to be domestic.

Shared ideas of best practice, forums for discussing global challenges are needed in the macro as well as the micro level. The crew of The Golden Hinde encourage an open dialogue, accessible to those interested in building the future on passion for adventures, innovation and an open global intellectual debate. The Golden Hinde is about security, trade, economics, and lifestyle. It is about politics and curiousity.


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  1. gpcox says:

    I like the sound of this.

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