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A monument is a good start


Veteran Affairs is a new phenomenon in a nation like Sweden, even though the country has a long military history, and experience with international operations. Today, May 29th, is the second consecutive year as the official Veterans Day takes place in Sweden.

On Veterans Day all Sweden’s veterans and their dependents are celebrated. This concerns not only the military but also for government agencies such as the police, customs, coast guard, prison. Even the Armed Forces nonprofit partner organizations and the Swedish military comrade associations Federation participates in the celebrations.

If you compare the status of the veteran soldiers in Sweden, with for example, the U.S. and Australia, you will recognize big differences. Although Sweden has a general welfare system it has until now forgot how to recognize the situation of the war veterans. The recognition of official society in itself is important for veteran soldiers and their families to return to as normal a life as possible. The Swedish veteran soldier monument unveiled today is an important step in this recognition. Perhaps Swedes should start looking, why not in the Nordic cooperation, to continue on the road of recognition of the veterans and also create a Nordic Veteran Museum such as the excellent Canberra War Memorial?


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