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War veterans and the importance of recognition


In Australian War Memorial, Roll of Honour panels for the “Post-1945 conflicts”, including Korea and Vietnam, will now be moved next to the end of the Second World War panel. The panel for Afghanistan will be put next to it, on the same wall. The panels to recognise the sacrifices of those killed in operations of a non-warlike nature will be placed on the end wall of the cloister.

This is a symbolic and important recognition. Findings indicate that war-zone exposure has negative implications for the postdeployment adjustment of veterans, both in combat- and non-combat positions. PTSD is associated with a relationship to the world in a negative direction. It is also associated with a changed perception of self, which could be either positive or negative. After controlling for trauma exposure and PTSD, suicidal behaviours are associated with more negative perceptions of the world. These perceptions of the world included disillusionment about human nature and a more specific rejection of civilian life.Conclusions PTSD and suicidal behaviours of veterans seem not to be associated with significantly more negative views of the self but rather with more alienation from civilian life. Recognition and honouring by society are therefore important steps on the way of healing those who have been in war-zones.

“All members of council including the service chiefs have canvassed this matter widely and we believe this decision reflects a wider community perspective in a changing world. The founder of the memorial, Charles Bean, could not have envisioned the world in which we now live, but it is important that we uphold the spirit of his vision. Members of the Australian Defence Force continue to help define our nation, so it is of vital importance that their service and sacrifice, in all operations, be fittingly commemorated.” Rear Admiral Doolan said. (source: Canberra Times)

The Australian Minister of Veteran Affairs, the Hon Warren Snowdon, made following comment on these news: “I am pleased  the Council has announced these changes today. The Council’s decision reflects  the views and expectations of many in the community on this important issue.  This will ensure that those who have served our nation with distinction are  properly recognised and I know that this decision will be of special  significance for the families involved.”



  1. gpcox says:

    Don’t you love it when politicians finally “get it.”

  2. The Hon Warren Snowdon seems like a good politician who have really understood the importance of good war veteran policies

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